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FlipperGuides has been the leading manufacturer of flip-up guides for over 30 years. Information is printed on both sides of coated cards attached to a sturdy plastic backing. Just “flip-up” the cards to find the information needed.

Organizations use the First Aid Flippers® and the Disaster Preparedness Flipper® as “ready-to-go” resources.

The First Aid Flippers® cover dozens of medical emergencies based on American Heart Association and American Red Cross guidelines. 

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24 coated index cards [3.5 inches X 3.5 inches] attached to a sturdy plastic base. Hole at one end allows hanging from hook or fits in desk drawer. Overall size 3.5" X 19".

Flip Sort (Librarians)

Flip Sort Library Card Sorter

Flip Sort Library Card Sorter CLP-499W 24 coated index ...

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