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FlipperGuides has been the leading manufacturer of flip-up guides for over 30 years. Information is printed on both sides of coated cards attached to a sturdy plastic backing. Just “flip-up” the cards to find the information needed.

Organizations use the First Aid Flippers® and the Disaster Preparedness Flipper® as “ready-to-go” resources.

The First Aid Flippers® cover dozens of medical emergencies based on American Heart Association and American Red Cross guidelines. 

Comprehensive guide covering topics from thinking about getting pregnant to health tips for mom and the baby. Visiting your doctor and the baby’s doctor, delivery, labor, feeding and caring of the baby. Guidelines about the baby’s development. Trouble signs and when to call the doctor. A great reference for any new mom, and grandmothers too!

New Mom

New Mom Flipper

New Mom Flipper®-Topics - CLP-916W Comprehensive guide ...

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